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We are two born and bred "Cityites" who, 12 years ago decided to try a "country lifestyle" with a view to retirement.

We then proceeded to undertake a steep learning curve involving attending TAFE college, farm visits, attendance at Agricultural Shows and Sales and talking to numerous people and finally a Business Management Course. We have now happily settled into a rural lifestyle, though still maintaining contact with our city origins.

The idea to make the Cat and Dog Doonas originated when we became aware of large amounts of quality unused fleece being stored in farm sheds. We tried them out on our two house dogs and two working dogs and they proved successful, so we decided to go into general production.

We have received a great deal of positive feed back from people who have purchased the doonas for their animals and this has encouraged us to continue to make this quality, practical product.

We also have hand raised birds, mainly cockatiels, over the years. It was most distressing to accidentally lose some and so we decided manufacture our own Bird Harnesses. We were enthusiastic to let other owners of tame birds avail themselves of the opportunity to safely go outside with their birds and not run the risk of losing them.

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